A Few of My Projects

College Football Ranking
A constantly growing project that serves as a test base for new methods and technologies. Currently going through the latest revision of re-architecting after initial proof of concept. System has been used to test out different frameworks (i.e. Gradle vs. Maven), play with new concepts (Spring XML descriptors vs. Annotations), and even new ways for data entry. Current system is still being built out for the minimum viable product before adding many of the suggested enhancements.
AATS (ConnectOne)
Thesis project as part of my Master's of Software Engineering at the University of West Florida. Working as a member of a two-person team to build a proof of concept for a client's project idea. This project uses the concept of an enterprise service bus (ESB) and cutting edge libraries involving mobile geofencing and device location awareness. The user interface is being designed as a Webapp using AngularJS and HTML5. The long term design proposed is a scalable and deployable SaaS infrastructure.
NNFL (2014)
Artificial Intelligent project utilizing the Neuroph library and framework to build an Artificial Neural Network to predict the outcome of NFL games. Tested against the 2013 playoffs based on the 2013 season and found to be mostly accurate. Demonstrated the capability to make decisions based on differing input with weighted outputs using a multi-layer, multi-nodal perceptron.
TUPWOS (2013)
Senior design project by a team of five to build the "Team Unibrow Picasso Work Order System" (TUPWOS). Project consisted of an Android Tablet based work order system for a small computer repair shop. System was designed to maintain work items, devices, and customers and even provided an option for invoicing.
Kevin Fried Pig (2012)
Senior project presented at the Florida State University Computer Science Expo demonstrating graph technology on Android by playing the Kevin Bacon Game. The user could enter the name of any actor/actress prior to 2006 and see how far away they were from Kevin Bacon in movie length. Game used a bipartite graph and breadth-first survey to find the total length.
FSU Wave (2012)
Worked on as a member of a team in a proof of concept of displaying waveform medical data onto an Android device. This project involved serializing data and displaying in near-realtime on the display. Project was done over the course of a weekend for a "Code-A-Thon".
Resume Webpage
This webpage is a side project that I designed as a way to put my resume online and provide more information about myself. Initially designed to learn more about Bootstrap styling, planned to be a test bed for trying out different web technologies for design and content management.
More to come.